Why Do I Need a Good Roll Off Container? 3 Common Questions

Why Do I Need a Good Roll Off Container? 3 Common Questions

If your industrial job is involved in fracking or oil drilling, you’re a crucial part of the nation’s development. The oil and natural gas industry is rapidly expanding and currently provides 9.8 million U.S. jobs, representing 8% of the country’s economy.

With the global oil reserve total increasing by about 350 million barrels in the last decade, accounting for 53.3 years of production, it’s no wonder there’s so much waste that comes from these jobs. Obtaining high-quality roll off containers is a crucial part of managing this waste, especially when storing hazardous materials. Here are three common questions regarding roll off containers and why they’re so important to doing your job safely and efficiently:

What is a roll off container?
A roll off container is a large rectangular vessel used to store massive amounts of waste material. It is extremely beneficial for large jobs and is a common staple of landfills, scrapyards, and any construction site. The roll off container is loaded onto a roll off trailer with the use of hydraulic hoists that can lift multiple tons of material in just seconds.

Are there different types of roll off containers?
Yes, absolutely. When dealing with hazardous sludge from drilling sites, you will want a vacuum box container. These types of roll offs can be used in conjunction with pumps, filtration devices, and vacuum trucks to transport waste from project sites. Liquid tight containers are a similar type of roll off container used for hazardous sludge. There are also solid waste roll off containers, which are great for construction sites and other jobs that don’t produce liquid waste.

What should I look for in a good roll off container?
Durability, durability, durability. You need a heavy duty container that will last for however long your project is, regardless of the elements. You can’t take any chances when it comes to transporting hazardous waste, and now is not the time to cut corners. Reliable equipment is the first step in keeping your team safe and getting the job done in an efficient manner.

Talk to our experts to find out what type of roll off container is right for your job. There’s different sizes for however big your project is, and you should be properly informed on how to handle your new roll off container before you start using it.

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